DIY Peter Pan Costume

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This year I made the costumes for my three kids for Halloween.  To get a closer look at each one, let’s start from youngest to oldest.Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, and Megatron DIY Costumes from The Nesting Spot

That means that first up is Peter Pan.

DIY Peter Pan Costume from The Nesting Spot

DIY Peter Pan Costume from The Nesting Spot

DIY Peter Pan Costume from The Nesting Spot

Amazingly, the only thing I bought for his costume were the shoes which I had been eyeing anyway and it just gave me the excuse I needed to buy them. All the other materials were already on hand from other projects. I love it when that happens!  It makes you feel okay about having a large stash of supplies.

Here are the pieces to his outfit.

I used this tutorial for my inspiration.  We also have a golden book of Disney’s Peter Pan so I looked at pictures in that as well.

DIY Peter Pan Costume from The Nesting Spot
For the shirt and pants I used a pair of his pajamas to make sure they were generally the right size. This worked…

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Free Printable: Watercolor Baby Shower Invitation

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baby shower invitation

I had the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for a sweet friend last month.  I was asked to make the invitations and other printed materials.  The theme was kind of a classy/French country/all white flowers type of thing.  I was unsure how to do the invitations since I didn’t want them to be all white.  I love the look of cards and invitations that are done with watercolors and are handwritten so I went with that.  I did end up putting a little blue bow on it as well as a way to further let people know the shower was for a baby boy.

The picture above is a sample of what I came up with. I painted it and then scanned it into the computer so I could add the text.  Instead of trying to use my own handwriting I used a handwritten font to achieve the same…

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It’s Hard When Your Child is Hurting

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Usually, if I get behind on posting on here it is because I am busily trying to get about a thousand things done at once for the shop (which is what happened this last month).  But the added radio silence right now has been because since Weds of last week my oldest son, Josiah who is 5 (6 in November) has been in the PICU at a children’s hospital.   Here’s kind of a quick look at what’s been going on.

All three of the kids had a little bit of running noises, coughing etc. lately.  Last Monday night Josiah’s breathing got pretty bad and we started off Tuesday with a nebulizer treatment.  Ken took him to school and mentioned to his teacher he was having some trouble.  He came home from school early and we did a couple more nebulizer treatments through the day.  On Tuesday night he came into our room…

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A Quick Etiquette Guide to Baby Celebrations

Who Should Host? To Invite? Are Men Allowed?

Baby showers and baby-welcoming ceremonies are filled with joy — and fraught with expectations. To ensure a good time will be had by all, here are some guidelines for hosts, guests, and parents-to-be.

Baby Showers

Baby showers are a relatively recent phenomenon — they became common only after World War II, during the baby boom of the 1940s and ’50s. Still, they’ve developed their own traditions and etiquette.

Who should host a baby shower?

Tradition states that a shower should not be hosted by a close family member of the parents-to-be, but instead by a friend or more distant relative, such as a cousin or an aunt. This rule was meant to avoid the appearance that the family was simply on a mission to collect gifts. However, like many traditions, this rule isn’t strictly observed these days. In fact, it’s usually considered perfectly acceptable for a sister, mother-in-law, or even the guest of honor’s mother to host or co-host a shower. It’s still unusual for a mother-to-be to host her own shower, though.

Who should be invited?

Close friends are a natural for the guest list, as are family members. Beyond that, when you’re thinking of adding someone to the list, consider whether it would be appropriate to ask that person to buy a gift for the guest of honor, since that’s what’s expected of a shower guest. You should certainly consult with the guest of honor on the list and let her invite whomever she wants (keeping in mind any limitations on space, of course).

What about the dad-to-be and male guests?

It’s becoming more and more common to include men — friends, spouses, relatives — on the guest list. But it does change the chemistry of the party. You need to decide whether you want that traditional “female-bonding ritual,” with lots of oohing and aahing over adorable baby clothes and exchanging of labor tales, or whether you’re looking for a more coed experience. Also, consider the personality of the dad-to-be; some may relish sharing in every aspect of the pregnancy, while others may be uncomfortable with the idea of being a guest of honor at a baby shower. The mom-to-be should be able to give you a good reading on this. Even at a “girl power” party, the expectant dad often makes an appearance toward the end of the shower to thank everyone for the gifts. And if you opt to include male guests, take a look at some of our coed-friendly shower ideas.

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Sweet Silly Sara: Pure Hoopla Review

See on Scoop.itFree Baby Shower Invitations – Pure Hoopla

A review of Pure Hoopla fine stationery.

Free Baby Shower Invitations‘s insight:

Pure Hoopla allows you to create FREE, yes you read that right, FREE baby shower cards, birth announcements and more. You create your card and drag a few coupons on to the back of the card, this makes them free and helps the recipient save some money. What could be better?

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